Beyonce Speaks About Nutrition: Vegan Diets

Wanna feel as good as a pop sensation or movie-star? Tired of feeling cruddy on a daily basis? Well then it looks like it’s time for a change, and Beyonce is speaking out to the masses about nutrition. That’s right, the diva has gone Crazy In Love over her new plant-based diet.

If you haven’t heard about vegan diets or are a newbie to the trend for better health, Beyonce has launched her very own delivery service called 22 Days Nutrition. This convenience brings health to your doorstep and also helps eradicate the risk for artery disease, a common killer in the states.

Aside from that, a vegan diet will help prevent exploitation of animals and supports our animal kingdom one chicken and cow at a time if you ask Flavio Maluf. If that’s not enough, other health benefits are sure to sway your mind. Increased energy, younger-looking skin, and a diet rich in nutrients is another reason to switch to vegan. Meat and dairy production take up a lot more resources from crops and water to feed these animals on top of transportation involved for processing them. Meat production contributes greatly to deforestation and is harming our fragile world every day.

Though we’re not 100% sure if Beyonce’s delivery service is genuine care or simply a gimmick, do you part and get nose deep in some research. If you’re not willing to make a full switch to a vegan diet, you can still may cutbacks on meat consumption.

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