Ara Chackerian: The Entrepreneurial Angel Investor

Ara Chackerian and his partner have discovered what they call “the third pillar of psychiatric care”. The treatment is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The innovative method is used to treat major depression disorder and does so in a device based treatment manner. The treatment has proved to has astronomically efficient results and Mr. Chackerian wishes to bring more awareness to the innovative treatment.


Ara Chackerian has a desire to combine the technology and healthcare industries in such a way that will greatly impact and benefit everyone on the planet. If not, at least those that are suffering. The TMS treatment has been used since 2008 by Dr. Richard Bermudas. Many people are suffering because of their depression that has resisted conventional medication treatments. The group that wishes to implement the solutions that TMS provides are doing so in a “patient first” manner. Check out his page.



One of the coolest things about this extremely successful entrepreneur and philanthropist is his ability to succinctly deliver a meaningful message. Ara Chackerian says that ideas come from life experiences. If you make a conscious effort to engage life, then ideas will come. Fantastic advice and words of wisdom from an angel investor. Mr. Chackerian is also the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. It is primarily focused on investing in health care companies that are just barely starting up.


The Transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment is only the latest of his many already successful business ventures. Before TMS came along, Ara has been interested in the way that health care and technology operate. He has a vast background in investing and entrepreneurship with over two decades to boast. He has built the companies BMC Diagnostics, Embion/Provider Links, PipelineRx and now TMS Health Solutions. These are but a few of the sea of ventures that Mr. Chackerian has participated in.


Ara Chackerian is currently a board member to several early stage health care companies. Many of these companies are located in the San Francisco area. Mr. Chackerian isn’t only about the money and business. He is also involved in many environmental causes. One of which is the Limonapa, SA.



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