Ara Chackerian Promotes sustainable use of Mother Nature’s Resources

Ara Chackerian is man known to many as being a jack of all trades. He is an environmentalist, entrepreneur as well as an investor. He has developed a passion for Healthcare systems and the environment. He is currently the Managing partner of ASC capital holdings a company that dedicates itself in investing in other healthcare organizations that offer new healthcare ideas into the health sector. He is also the co-founder of TMS health solution a healthcare organization that offers treatment to patients suffering from resistant depression. They are able to do this through a specialized technique known as Transcranial magnetic stimulation.


Besides health, Ara is an avid environmentalist who has dedicated his time and money to help in the efforts of conserving Mother Nature. He has spoken openly and passionately when it comes to forest conservation. Ara Chackerian’s love for the environment has seen him partner with several likeminded people in the conservation efforts. He has particularly given people the necessary tools and equipment to help them conserve the environment. For more info you can checkout



Ara Chackerian believes that the wilderness plays a very essential role in the society through provision of beautiful sceneries, recreation, and resources abundance. To him, he promotes to people the fact that nature is a very important cog for man’s survival, but at the same time gives the people ideas on how to generate income from Mother Nature albeit on a sustainable basis.

On wilderness management, Ara Chackerian says that no two ecosystems require the same management approach and that all ecosystems are unique in their own ways. He further adds that proper forestry techniques will go along way in protecting the decline of wilderness and protecting all the wildlife population. For more details you can visit



Ara Chackerian also points out that proper public engagement will also go along way in promoting conservation efforts. He believes a public that is well equipped with equipment and the necessary information will boost the preservation of the wilderness ecosystem.


Ara Chackerian is all about using of Mother Nature’s goodies but in a sustainable way. This has seen him also support various reforestation projects and groups in Nicaragua.






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