Always Looking For Great Opportunities To Expand Company Profile, OSI Food Solutions Makes Several Big Acquisitions and Upgrades:

Aurora, Illinois based food giant OSI Food Solutions is a major supplier in the food service and retail industries and one of America’s largest 100 food businesses. OSI has operations in 17 countries across the globe with over 80 facilities currently in operation. The company has been tirelessly expanding since the 1970s and continues to look for any available opportunity to increase its presence in the global food industry. There have been several key acquisitions and improvements recently that have left OSI Food Solutions in an ideal position for a bright future.

OSI’s Makes Big Moves In Europe:

A major upgrade to a European facility and the purchase of two amazing European food companies has the future looking better than ever for OSI Food Solutions in the European market. A €17 million investment has been pumped into the OSI plant in Toledo, Spain. The money was applied toward upgrading the facilities production infrastructure. The result has been well worth the money spent. Overall meat production now exceeds 45,000 tons annually and production of processed chicken is at 24,000 tons annually, a doubling of previous output at the location. Along with this upgrade, OSI Food Solutions also purchased two European food companies that add a valuable niche to the company profile. Flagship Europe and Baho Food bring with them to the OSI family an impressive line-up of products sure to please the customer base.

Major Acquisition Close To Home:

OSI Food Solutions has also been making big acquisitions and upgrades close to the home base. The former Tyson food plant has been purchased by OSI Food Solutions, adding a second facility in the Chicago area. Production in the region is expected to as much as double from this key acquisition.

About OSI Food Solutions:

OSI Food Solutions started its company life as Otto & Sons over a century ago. The company was the creation of German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. Started as a family fun meat processing company, the business grew steadily over the decades, picking up valuable clients including McDonald’s in the 1950s. The 1970s saw the name change to OSI Food Solutions and the hiring of current Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. Steady and continual grown has seen the company attain its current, global footprint in the food industry.

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