Alex Hern and Virtual Reality Adeptness

Alex Hern has been a major figure in the VR or “Virtual Reality” sector for a while now. Alexander F. Hern is a tireless entrepreneur who operates out of San Diego in Southern California. He’s been a big part of the establishment of seemingly endless companies throughout the years. Many people these days connect him to a company that’s referred to as “Tsunami VR, Inc.” Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin. He’s responsible for many big things for Tsunami VR. Hern is its Co-Chairman. He’s its Co-Chief Executive Officer as well. That isn’t even where things stop. He’s also a businessman who created the company. Despite the fact that Hern has a lot on his plate with Tsunami VR, it’s not the sole highlight of his life. He was also a major element in various other companies that were in operation before. People who have heard of Milcom or “Military Commercial Technologies” may be well-versed in Alex Hern and all that he does. He was Milcom’s painstaking Chairman and Chief Executive Officer between the years of 1996 and 1998. Board of Directors membership is also something that drives Hern each day. He likes being on Silicon Valley Internet Capital’s board. Visit to know more.This professional comprehends all matters that relate to incubation extremely well. He grasps all matters that relate to fresh new technological entities as well. He’s done a lot to contribute to groups like Strategic Acquisition Ventures, New Homes Realty Inc., Radialpoint Inc. ArcSight Inc., AMF Group Inc. and even AppDirect Canada Inc. Intense work is a concept that comes 100 percent naturally to this person. Tsunami VR is an eminent business that responds to clients who are in all sections of the vast planet. It’s a business that makes bettering communications practices a bright and straightforward reality for so many kinds of businesses that are functioning now.


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