Action Bronson Concerts Sold Out Twice Due To This Genius Strategy

In the world we know today, it really isn’t about the product, it’s about how it’s being marketed. Action Bronson knows that concept very well and have applied it in his concerts twice, and the results were two sold out shows back to back. Did he discover the magic formula to sold out shows or is he just this talented. The answer is he found out the magic formula, and it’s a free give away on stage for the fans Oprah style!

While Action Bronson was performing in a show in December, the crowd got something they never expected, free Tvs, iPads, PS4, and sandwiches. Marc Sparks said that it wasn’t because it was the holiday season that he decided to give his fans a little something back, this is just how his shows are.

While Action was performing his ‘Mr. Wonderful’ album release in NYC, he picked up a 48 inch tv and threw it in the crowd. There was a lot of pulling and two young adults ended up with one of the tvs while the other tv that was thrown to the other side of the crowd was never seen after it left Action’s hands.

There was also iPads being thrown to the crowd in addition to one Playstation 4, and about 12 sandwiches.

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