A Review of White Shark Media, a Leader in Online Digital Marketing

White Shark Media is a renowned digital marketing agency whose primary purpose is to help small and medium sized enterprises to find optimum online marketing strategies. The agency is one of the fastest growing companies in North America. Besides partnering with Google to provide clients with AdWords management solutions, the company is also available to support businesses throughout the United States that lack the resources or time to manage their advertising campaigns. By offering its expertise, customer care, and experience, White Shark Media lets business owners concentrate on running their businesses.

About The Company

The agency was the brainchild of three vastly experienced businessmen. Alexander Nygart, Gary Garth, and Andrew Lolk founded the company in 2010. These entrepreneurs brought together their extensive expertise in both online and offline marketing. They built both offshore and domestic presence and assembled a specialized team of multilingual employees. It was a winning formula that helped them to thrive in a competitive market. The company specializes in offering proprietary marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes and assists them to craft online marketing campaigns. The company, which is led by co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Gary Garth, earned $3.6 million in sales in 2015, which was a 622 percent rise since 2011.

Expert Guidance from Experienced Professionals

White Shark Media secures its clients’ success by having each of them assigned a team that consists of three experienced and certified marketing experts. They not only provide a world-class customer experience but also ensure that they get quick responses to queries and reports on all metrics. Whether a business is interested in Google Shopping, Hispanic marketing or is targeting a local demographic, the team of professionals will help identify business goals and assist in achieving them. The agency’s cost-effective solutions are fully transparent, and each client is granted access to their own AdWords account.

Industry Recognition Thanks To Client Success

Through the use of Google Analytics, proprietary reporting software, and keyword-level tracking, White Shark Media has played an instrumental part in the online success of hundreds of businesses across America. By 2014, just three years after the agency commenced operations, the company’s expertise was recognized by Google, who entered it into its Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership. That is notable since White Shark Media is one of only a few hand-picked firms by Google who are a part of this exclusive program. The company was selected to the program because of its reputation, demonstrable results, and adherence to stringent training and eligibility requirements.

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