A healthy diet for a healthy pet If

If pets really are a part of the family, why don’t we feed them like part of the family? Premium pet food companies like Beneful understand that you love your four legged companion and you want what’s best for them. In a Daily Herald report, companies such as Freshpet and Purina have been producing nutrition rich foods for the health and happiness of your animal.

With claims like these on beneful.com, you want to know that you can trust them to eat their words if they are full of bologna… and they do one better. On tours around the Freshpet factory, the CEO of the company will cut open one of the packets and taste the product to prove how good it is. Dog food specialists, Beneful from Purina, have developed dry and wet mixed food combinations for each stage of your dog’s life from puppy to senior, calorie control to energy boost. Beneful’s blends of wholegrain, vegetables, and the most doggy delectable meat promote health and long active lives for you to share with your furry friend.

In a business sense, this philosophy has paid off. Specialized dog food sales over ten billion dollars since 2009 has companies eager to land the next innovation such as, Purina acquiring a certified organic pet food company last summer. Even focusing on compliance with AAFCO, a higher standards regulator to prove to owners that the overall health of your pet is the main reason why they go the extra mile.

I admit that I watch the Purina dog show each year on Thanksgiving and admire the variety and pure bred beauty of the dogs in the competition. Beneful offers a range of wet, dry, and treats for very specific dogs and `purposes, at the same time distancing themselves from the generic “anything will do” food companies. You can be sure that the owners with competing dogs on the show do not feed their pets with dog foods with overly processed by-products and filler. Specialized food blends on twitter.com with nutrition at the center of product, proves they want what’s best for your best friend.

You can read the report from the Daily Herald here:

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