5 Things Rocketship Education’s CEO, Preston Smith, Is Sharing with America’s Educational World

Rocketship Education was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith, the latter of which is currently the chief executive officer of its network of eighteen public charter schools across America, in 2007, its first location being housed in a small church in San Jose. Preston Smith has worked in San Jose’s public schools since 2001, having founded an educational program within a San Jose school, then co-creating an entire school, all before initializing what’s now known as one of the United States of America’s best networks of educational facilities – Rocketship Education.

With more than fifteen years’ worth of experience teaching kids largely hailing form low-income families, Preston Smith understands what it takes to succeed as an educational facility at large. Let’s peer into 5 tidbits of educational knowledge he’s passed on to the entirety of America’s educators, most of which can be picked up by the average instructor, administrator, or board member.

  1. Parents should be involved in hiring instructors

Rocketship Education, typically shortened to RSED, brings in panels of parents for interviewing instructors. This helps weed out unprepared, unqualified candidates.

  1. Teachers should visit students’ homes every year

A large part of RSED’s students’ success is made possible through technologically-aided, individualized lessons. These pedagogical plans are better crafted when instructors understand the environments students live in.

  1. Parents should provide regular feedback on teachers and learning environments

Parents are privy to tons of sentiments and concerns children tell them, things shared with nobody else. As such, parents’ feedback is inherently valuable to boosting quality of education.

  1. Only teachers that are flexible in changing teaching methods should be hired

Rocketship compensates teachers considerably better than other schools, doing so to haul in teachers that are flexible in changing their habits.

  1. Teachers should hail from diverse backgrounds before students do

Students learn better when their teachers’ demographics closely fit their own. RSED recruits teachers from diverse backgrounds, rather than hauling in students belonging to an array of demographical backgrounds.

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