Don Ressler Creates Disruption With His Brands

Don Ressler has always wanted to do something to bring change to different markets. He decided that a market disruptor would be the best way to do this and he did everything that he could to help people with the options that they needed in the fashion industry on LinkedIn. In the past, people had to shop online or in a setting that allowed them to buy things while they were shopping in the store. Now, though, Don Ressler has changed things and a subscription service model is a viable option for anyone who wants to buy clothes or wants to be able to do more with the experiences.

The first thing that made Don Ressler’s brands disruptors of the market was the fact that people would be able to shop in different areas without having to visit a store or a specific website. While customers had to visit one of the TechStyle sites at the beginning of their time with the service, they would not have to visit again and would receive their subscription box on a regular basis at By doing this, Don Ressler made it a different way to shop and made things easier for people to be able to get more out of the shopping experience.

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Another way that Don Ressler’s brands disrupted the market was by including all different styles. JustFab includes shoes that are beneficial to people who have varying foot sizes. They even have shoes that are made specifically for wide feet, something that most shoe stores don’t even offer to the people who shop with them. It has been a big change in the way that people are able to shop and has made things better for the people to do things. When Don Ressler started working on Fabletics, he wanted to do the same thing and include all of the sizes with the brand.

Now, no matter how someone wants to be able to shop and the size of the person, they are able to get what they from the TechStyle brands. There are many different ways that people can shop with TechStyle and Don Ressler has made it an easy option thanks to the convenience that comes from the brand. He wants to help people with everything that they have and with the experiences that will make it easier for them to get all of their clothes. He does what he can to improve the buying opportunities for customers.

More Individuals Choosing Lifeline Screening Services To Eliminate Risks

What if you could detect a serious illness with simple preventative health screening tests? That’s exactly what Lifeline Screening does. The company offers non-invasive exams that can detect and prevent a serious illness, like strokes, congestive heart failure, lung cancer screening and more than 20 other life-saving exams. Lifeline screening believes timely detection and prevention is much better than seeking a cure.

The majority of people no longer have frequent health examinations, and are not evaluated until disease hits. Preventative health screening help to identify risk factors and guide people to make more educated decisions. Preventive measures are not only ethically normative but they are economically justified. Quality of life can be improved and life itself is prolonged. At the same time, prevention is intended to reduce the economic burdens unnecessary medical treatment.

Primary and Secondary Prevention

Individuals are turning to companies like Lifeline Screening as a primary prevention option to prevent disease from the start. Additionally, this option is also a diagnostic measure for patients who are symptom-free, yet would like to use early detection testing for diseases like heart disease, thyroid disease or various cancers.

Stroke is the second most common cause of death worldwide. Life Line Screening has a screening test cardiac rhythm disorders. One very important stroke prevention method is performing pre-testing for atrial fibrillation. Heart rhythm disorders often occur only occasionally. That is why they are not always detected during the doctor’s examination. But having an irregular heartbeat could be harmless, but in many cases it can also be dangerous, particularly if you are affected but don’t know about it. Additionally, there could be an underlying medical condition. If this condition if left undetected and untreated, it can pose a significant risk for stroke.

Lifeline screening allows for measurements and recording of any irregularities. Once atrial fibrillation is detected, medicines can markedly lower and almost normalize the danger of clot formations and stroke risks, and improve your quality of life.