Netflix’s Increasing and Surprising Anime Offerings


In the past, Netflix anime selection left much to be desired. But with the increasing popularity of anime; driven by series such as Naruto, with it’s many incarnations and Death Note, which has been slated as a Netflix Original live action; it appears that fan’s options will soon be increasing.


Netflix recently posted several new job opportunities such as, Director, International Originals – Anime and Manager and Content Acquisition – Anime. This is a big indication of their focus and interest in expanding the content selection.


Whether you’re a fan of traditional action titles, such as the mega-hit Attack on Titan, or a quintessential magical girl show, like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, there’s guaranteed to be something to pique your interest.


One of the most overlooked selections currently available on Netflix is Your Lie in April. This shonen selection can be heavily soaked in melodrama, but it so clearly captures the essence of what it’s like to be coming into one’s own in life and the fervor of young love. The show starts off with a focus on comedy, hinting that there’s more beneath the service, and slowly evolves into a poignant example of friendship and love.


Being centered around musicianship and competitive playing, the score is exceptionally well done. As the music swelling during key scenes with it’s main characters, it truly pulls you in and takes you on their journey with them. Your Lie in April uses music to transform the lives of the people it touches. When one of the main characters, Kaori Miyazono asks, ‘My music… will it reach them?’, the answer is overwhelmingly, yes.


Taking Over in a Saturated Market: EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm went from an unknown to a game-changing market leader in under a decade. How did they do it, particularly in a saturated market? Big name lip balm companies like Chapstick, Blistex and Carmex seemed to have the market stitched up.

Starting Up

According to, EOS lip balm was founded by career businessmen with lots of startup experience. They actually chose lip balm because it seemed like a product category that was ripe for disruption.

They noted that most of the products in the lip balm space were overly similar. Lip balms were packaged in tubes. They were flavorless or had limited flavor options like mint and cherry. They were named after what they did (Chapstick prevents chapped lips) instead of evoking a lifestyle.

EOS’s Unique Approach

EOS changed it up, putting lip balm in pastel-colored, egg-shaped containers. The name EOS stands for something, “evolution of smooth.” Innovative flavors such as melon were used. This was a product unlike anything else found at the pharmacy. Finally, EOS lip balm was able to harness the power of celebrity. Socialites like Kim Kardashian were photographed using the brand. Once this happened, EOS really took off.


By analyzing the Racked drug store marketplace, formulating an effective business plan and capitalizing on use by influencers, EOS became the second most popular lip balm in America.

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Helping Children In Texas

Anthony Petrello is from the state of Texas and takes a lot of pride in his roots. He has had to endure a lot of struggles in his life, but he believes that these struggles have made him stronger in many areas. He is excited about what the future holds for him and his business.

As the leader of Nabor Industries, he believes that he has a responsibility for his company to excel over the long term. If you are ready to take things to the next level, Anthony Petrello is the person to go to. He is excited about some of the changes that are starting to take place in the world. One of the passions in life for him is helping children. He has had to deal with a child who has an illness, so this cause is close to his heart.


Planning for the Future

Anthony Petrello wants to spend more time and money working in the children’s hospital in Texas. He truly believes in the impact that he is going to make in the lives of other people throughout the world. Not only that, but he wants to help people as much as possible with the changes that he is making in his company. Over time, he wants his company to be innovative in many areas of the economy. Now is the time to start making investments in these areas to drive growth and innovation for the future. Anthony Petrello is passionate about changing the world through his actions.

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Movies for ‘Shrooming


Sure, taking a dose of mushrooms and watching a movie isn’t everyone’s cup of (mushroom) tea, but for those who enjoy it, picking the right movie is an important part of a fun experience. Here are some of the best movies to watch while tripping.



Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

There’s no better kind of movie to watch while on drugs than a movie that’s about drugs. This film is a terrific, but sometimes harrowing, trip with a fictional rock star character named Pink. Loosely based on Pink Floyd’s original front man, Sid Barrett, this film explores Pink’s journey into his own mind dealing with cultural and familial issues. Watch out, it includes some pretty trippy animated sequences, and that’s why it’s one of my favorite stoner movies on Netflix.




This movie is crass, stupid, and ridiculous. You’ll be quoting it for years. If the opening scene featuring a college student who downs a whole bag of weed and proceeds to lick the interior of a State Trooper’s vehicle doesn’t have you rolling on the floor in laughter, then you should visit the doctor. Not because you’re on drugs, but because your funny bone is definitely broken.

“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”

One of the best 90s comedies ever, Johnny Depp’s spot-on impression of the titular Hunter S. Thompson and Benicio Del Toro’s Dr. Gonzo are the perfect companions on a trip to take from your living room. At turns menacing and ludicrous, you’ll feel like an absolute angel for only indulging in a few mushrooms instead of Hunter’s infamous suitcase. Watch for completely insane cameos by Cameron Diaz, Gary Busey, and Christina Ricci.

Desiree Perez Taking Tidal Into New Heights

Tidal is not as it was a few months ago. Music streaming business is a highly competitive industry. With heavyweights like Apple Music and Spotify already in the industry, many music startup companies have failed to capture the market. Tidal, however, is proving to be a worthy competitor.

The music streaming company has managed to garner a couple of albums of some of the influential musicians in the industry. The likes of Rihanna, T.I, Kanye West as well as Beyoncé, who happen to be co-owners, have helped to increase the popularity of the music streaming company.  Continue reading here.

With initial challenges of high competition, to executives defecting and low popularity, Tidal was seen to be dead in the mud. Its founder Jay Zee didn’t give up on his investment. Even though he may know nothing about the business world, he knows how to get the right people to do business on his behalf.

Desiree Perez is not a stranger to Jay Zee or other musicians in his circle. It is rumored that she had a hand in the Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour. Some sources also credit her negotiation skills in Rihanna’s deal with Samsung.  Check her profile.

Married to “OG” Juan Perez, who has been a long-term executive of Roc Nation Sports, Desiree Perez is not a stranger to the music world. She is considered to be a no-nonsense negotiator and her skills in running a business and accounting background has helped shape her business skills.  More details about her on

Growing up in the streets, she managed to carve a reputation that eventually got the attention of the likes of Jay Zee and Kanye West.

Tidal has seen its application popularity rise and have managed to acquire over one million trial registrations, thanks to the new West’s album; The Lifeof Pablo. The app’s promotion strategy seems to be working. They have used different categories with Tidal Discovery as a recommendation of new releases. According to, Tidal Rising focuses on the upcoming artists, and Tidal X features live streaming.

The app is becoming popular with the young generation has an enormous potential in the industry. The owners have not disputed any possibility of purchase from or any offers from big players in the industry.

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