Don Ressler Proceeds To Further Boost JustFab To Rank Among Leading Companies

Business and entrepreneurship are areas where only those who are not afraid to take risks thrive well. There are many professionals whose businesses have flourished due to investing in the ideas they believe in together with supporting their passion. One of the individuals who has build a bright profile as an entrepreneur is Don Ressler, an online entrepreneur who has been in the industry for more than 15 years.

Don Ressler is the brain behind several established businesses and he continues to work with young entrepreneurs by mentoring them so they can understand how the world of business works. Don Ressler made his first step as an entrepreneur when he launched, a company that allowed him to experience the way businesses function in the online environment. opened his eyes to understand many things about entrepreneurship and management and after some successful moments with the company, Don Ressler was able to draft a new plan that would see him invest in a bigger company.

In 2001, Don Ressler put the company up on sale and Intermix Media gave him an offer that he approved. He at the same time met with the COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, who they agreed to venture into business together due to the similarity they had of ideas.

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Intelligent Beauty
Working together was a great achievement that allowed them to come up with Alena Media, a company that worked with small and established businesses by offering them advertising services. By the second year, Alena Media was already making profits and the duo decided it would be awesome if they launched a different company that would allow them to serve a bigger population.

This decision triggered them to sell Alena Media and the capital they raised helped them to finance the establishment of their next business, Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty has been operational since 2008 and they stock beauty products in different categories.

With 2010 came a new dawn that saw Adam and Ressler venture into different ideas JustFab. They came up with a new online retail that offers a subscription system for fashion products. To further develop the company, they sought funding and were given $33 million by Matrix Ventures in 2011 before they went for further funding from several companies in 2012 that amounted to $76. With the second amount, JustFab was able to finance the development of a strong network that pushed the company to penetrate into Germany, Canada and the UK.

The Quincy Project – Area News

The Quincy New Brunswick is an apartment community that is located in New Brunswick, NJ, just a few blocks away from the Jersey Shore. The new apartment project is well-located in the city as it is within walking distance of the Amtrak station and the New Brunswick downtown area. The project has already started its pre-leasing process and thusfar has leased up well due to the amenities inside and outside of the property.


While the property is in a good location and has plenty of amenities, some of the concerns about the project is some of the crime that has taken place in the area in recent years. One of the most recent crimes took place in May 2013 when a pizza delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint. The driver was robbed by three young men who stole his wallet, cash from the car, and pizza. While the men got away with the crime initially, all three were eventually arrested for the crime and charged with assault and robbery.


Earlier this year, another significant crime took place at another New Brunswick apartment complex. At the competing apartment community in town, a man was shot and injured. He ended up being taken to the local hospital where he survived. Shortly after the shooting, no arrests had been made. Many residents of the apartment community, which was the New Brunswick Apartments, stated that crime in the apartment had been an issue for years, but the shooting was a whole new situation to them.