Lovaganza Promises An Experience Like No Other

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

CINERAMA was an ill-fated innovation in theatrical technology. While it was effective, beautiful, and immersive, it never caught the public’s attention as it should have. But Lovaganza has something in the works which takes the good aspects of CINERAMA and combines them with three-dimensional technology that spreads across a 180-degree screen. This new 3D experience doesn’t require three-dimensional glasses, which means no more migraines due to squinting in the low light. The end result will be an exceptional upgrade to both modern 3D and the CINERAMA of yesteryear. Called IMMERSCOPE, Lovaganza’s game-changing technological entertainment innovation surrogates live theatre’s personal impact with the scope of cinema.

For those who haven’t heard of Lovaganza, it really is an intriguing possibility set to unveil in the near future. Initial planning for Lovaganza at least predates 2012, and initially called for unveiling in 2015. Better technology was produced between the initial planning stages of Lovaganza and this date, so those developing the project decided to delay release five years. The new plan included a 2017 traveling convoy expositing the allure of IMMERSCOPE to the world before the unveiling. Three feature films on celebmafia.com will be released between now and 2020 additionally. They are to be featured in the traveling showcase, and they will be shown again at the 2020 expo. These films are reportedly only the first third of a three part saga which will encapsulate six new movies.

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When the 2020 event hits, it’s not going to be centrally located. Rather, Lovaganza is set to be in eight separate locations across the world simultaneously. The event will last four months, and centers of presentation will include locations in America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and The Middle East.

In a recent Yahoo Finance press release, it was noted that the Lovaganza Foundation will become official in 2018 in order to ensure all legal requirements are met before the final 2020 show.

Themes of Lovaganza include cultural respect and celebration, combined with a sort of “bohemian adventure” designed as a muse to evoke the wanderlust of the nations, and ensure peace through mingling cultures of independent variety coming together as never before. At least, that seems to be the idea. Films will include themes of drama, comedy, love, and adventure.

For those who’d like to remain abreast of Lovaganza news, the Lovaganza.com website is regularly updated as events warrant. The internet is beginning to buzz with intrigue for Lovaganza’s coming IMMERSCOPE and events, and it’s easy to see why. 

Why America Loves EOS

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Sanjay Shah: The Entrepreneur with the Heart of Gold

Anytime you are an entrepreneur, you know what it takes to build something from the ground up and watch it grow. That is most definitely the case with Sanjay Shah Denmark. He has never been afraid of hard work and putting his all into something. He knows what it takes to roll up his sleeves and go to work on something and see it all the way through. Along with his wife Usha, they have put together a very special event to raise some much needed awareness when it comes to Autism. The event is called Autism Rocks and will feature performances from Flo Rida and Tyga. Everyone is coming together to help and do their part for this special event.

The more people that help, the more impact that can made. All of the donations at the event will go towards research into finding better insights into the condition. This event has a personal touch and a personal meaning for Sanjay and his wife, as they have an autistic son, and they know other people who have autistic children and sometimes they can feel alone. No longer do they need to feel alone. They can attend this event, connect with people, share their story, and have a great support group.

Sanjay has always been about other people and helping them out. He is a very caring man and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help others and do his part. He feels like it is the right thing to do and it brings him closer to people. The purpose of this event is to raise more awareness and find out more information on it while also having some fun at the same time. It is always great when you can achieve that. The event has been around since 2014. Other notable names that have performed at the event include Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake.

This shows that many people care about this event and it means a lot to a tremendous amount of people. It shows the heart of people and that they truly care about others and want to do their part and whatever they can to get the word out there about it. If everyone could pitch in and do something, no matter how big or small, it can make a huge difference and make life a little easier for those families that have a child that needs extra care.


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