State Of Emergency Ruled Constitutional By Supreme Court

The Venezuelan Supreme Court, the highest court in the country has ruled that President Nicholas Maduro’s decree of a state of emergency in the country is in line with the laws of the country’s constitution. The socialist president had issued a decree of a state of emergency in Venezuela last week amid rising tensions, a worsening economy and growing protests.
Meanwhile Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, a part of parliament of Venezuela which opposes the president and wants him to step down has rejected the state of emergency decree declared by president Maduro. The Supreme Court of Venezuela ruled in favor of the measures implemented by president Maduro and it comes as no surprise to many. The court has almost always taken the side of Maduro’s administration and it is pretty clear that they are right on board with the agenda of Nicholas Maduro.

The court cited extraordinary political, social, economic and ecological upheaval as the reason why the state of emergency is constitutional according to the their view. The state of emergency that has been declared will last for sixty days, but many fear that it could be expanded upon if conditions do not improve in Venezuela.

Opposition members to Maduro’s regime have meanwhile circulated a petition on facebook to have him removed from power. It has been signed by close to 2 million people in Venezuela. The petition has been ignored so far and the vice president has plainly stated that there will be no referendum that will depose the president. Meanwhile, soldiers are guarding, distributing and even selling food in a worsening economy.

Andy Wirth Works To End Ski Feud

Up in North Tahoe, all eyes are currently on two of is premiere ski resorts, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. The resorts are separated by a mountain and by a culture that thrives on territorial pride.

Just like avid football fans, Squaw Valley residents patronize the Squaw Valley ski resort and rarely stray. Alpine Meadows works the same way. But recently, Powder Magazine interviewed Andy Wirth, who plans to unite the rival resorts by means of a base-to-base gondola┬á – Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth’s gondola would be able to taxi skiers and snowboarders across the mountain divide, so that more people would be able to ski both runs in the same day.

This would reduce traffic on the roads between the two resorts, as skiers currently have to take a bus to use both runs in one day. It would also mean a merger of two cultures.

Andy Wirth is hoping for a repeat situation of the famous Whistler and Blackcomb resorts; the two were connected by convenient transportation and now most snow athletes use both resorts, regardless of their town of origin. So not only does the gondola reduce traffic on the streets, but it has the potential to increase business for both resorts. To read the entire interview in Powder Magazine, click here.

Andy Wirth is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and works to make the resorts under his name the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. But there is more to the man that just business.

As a business-holder that deals with the natural environment, he has used his influence and history as a forest ranger to protect the territory. He also founded the Wounded Warrior Support, a program that helps Navy SEALS and their families after they return home from duty. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has numerous other charities and philanthropic programs under his belt, which makes him an entrepreneur of substance. His influence sets a good example for both businessmen and patrons alike. The Northern Tahoe ski resort feud’s days are numbered.

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