Healthy Choices for the Whole Family

As our lifestyles change, so do the choices we make for what we put inside our bodies. People all over the country are choosing healthier and more active lifestyles. They are putting fresh foods on their table with less artificial flavors and preservatives and more of the nutrients we need to lead longer, healthier, and more active lives. With these lifestyle choices, they are choosing the same for their pets. They want to know that what they give their animals lets them have longer, healthier, and more active lives as well. Small companies everywhere have been popping up with alternative dog foods that promise to give them just that. This has made bigger companies change over their ingredients as well so they can keep up with the competition.

It’s great to know, as a pet owner, that through all this competition there are companies who have always had that healthy lifestyle in mind for your pets. Beneful has always made their foods with 100% of the nutritional value that your dog needs. Beneful fresh ingredients and wholesome foods will show you right away that your precious four legged friend is getting everything that they need to have the life that you want for them.

Better nutrition means better life. When your pup gets everything they need they will have healthier coats, more energy for playing, and they will even sleep better. Beneful has ingredients like salmon, lamb, spinach, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes insure that your dog is getting the best that they possibly can. You will see in their everyday actions that they are having a healthier life and are much happier for it.

Just like us, our pets need a wide variety of foods to be able to get everything they need to live happy lives. Sticking to a single food isn’t good for us and it isn’t good for them either. It’s great to know that every blend that Beneful makes is packed with everything they need and a taste that will leave them wanting more.




About George Soros

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. Soros was born to a Jewish family who had to hide their identity because Hungary was under Nazi occupation. This went on until the end of World War II. Then the communists took over. Soros finally escaped this oppression in 1947 when he fled to London. Soros worked as both a waiter and a railroad porter in order go to the London School of Economics. After graduating, Soros got an entry level position with a London investment bank. In 1956, Soros immigrated to the United States. For nearly two decades he worked as an investment manager and analyst for firms in New York such as F.M. Mayer, Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder and Wertheim and Company.

In 1973, George Soros decided it was time to start his on hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, which is now known as Quantum Fund. Soros had such success that he has now become a legend. He was able to get returns of between 30 percent and 100 percent, unheard of in the industry. He made 2 billion dollars when he shorted the British Pound and 10 billion dollars when he shorted the Asian currencies. His net worth is 25 billion dollars.

Project Syndicate recently published an article by Forbes’ Soros that explained some of his concerns. In the article, Soros warned the European Union and the United States to be wary of President Putin’s claims that he is an ally in the fight against ISIS. Soros explains that Putin’s history of aggression should be proof enough that he is only looking out for his own interests, which are to bring down the European Union before Russia crumbles.

As it is, Soros explains, the EU is slowly disintegrating. The Greek financial rescue packages have not solved the economic crisis in the country, forcing the EU to face crisis after crisis. These crises are all coming to a head at the same time. The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, understands that all of this, and especially the refugee crisis, has the potential to put an end to the European Union.

Soros believes that the leaders in the west need to acknowledge what is happening and not ignore it. In the long term, ensuring that the European Union is stable would be the best goal. It would be a mistake to make the ultimate goal beating terrorists. If the European Union survives, the tenants of the EU survives, including freedom, human rights for all, open societies and transparent governments. This in itself has the potential to conquer terrorism and the extremists. On the other hand, if the European Union falls, that would only serve as another victory for terrorists.

Helane Morrison: The Experienced Compliance Officer

Compliance Officers have lately found themselves backed to a corner following the new enforcement actions which hold them accountable for the wrong doings of their firms. A career that was on a high demand following the need by banks to have someone oversee their internal issues as well as help them adapt to new regulations is now in jeopardy. Quite a number of officers quit their jobs last year. According to Daniel Solo, most of those who left were in charge of financial crime and anti-money laundering. New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, supports a move by a principal financial regulator to seek authority to raise criminal charges against compliance officers in some instances. This accountability is making people who are experienced to think twice before joining the profession making it hard for banks to find replacements once their officers quit.

Helane L. Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Morrison holds a J.D. from the University of California, school of law and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism at the University of Northwestern. She worked under both Hon. Richard A. Posner of Court of Appeal and Justice Harry A. Blackmun of Supreme Court as a law clerk. From there she joined a private practice in 1986. Starting with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, and Falk & Rabkin where she made partner in 1991. Here she mainly dealt with cases against SEC, business litigation and defended actions of private securities. In 1996, Ms. Morrison left the firm and joined the SEC, San Francisco office as the head of enforcement. Here she represented SEC against financial, business, legal, news media and government agencies. 

In 1999, she succeeded David Bayless to join the few female District Administrators of SEC and later became Regional Director. Here she was in charge of regulatory matters, litigation and securities enforcement in Washington, Northern California, Alaska Northern Nevada, Oregon Montana and Idaho. At the moment, she is a member of Executive Committee of Hall Capital Partners LLC, a member of Hedge Fund a subcommittee of American Bar Association and also a board member of Regional Parks Foundation. Occasionally she gives a speech on both compliance and legal issues affecting private funds and investment advisers. For more information, check out her Bloomberg profile or connect with her on LinkedIn.


How Helane Morrison is Shattering the Glass Ceiling in the Corporate World

A New Direction for Zayn Malik

No one could have guessed that Zayn of One Direction fame could be successful on his own. People have already witnessed how the Backstreet Boys fell apart and no one became successful as a solo artist. No one remembers why New Kids on the Block split up, but fans knew that it was a bad idea. N’Sync split up and these members had a quiet existence ever since that time. There was one guy, however, by the name of Jon Urbana that would soar. Zayn has a number one hit on his hands so people are seeing him as the Justin Timberlake of One Direction.

One Direction, for the record, doesn’t like being called the N’Sync without Justin. It isn’t so easy for One Direction to stand around in the background while Zayn claims the fame. They don’t have any choice. He is someone that has become a fan of R&B, and it is obvious that he is doing something major. That is a change for Malik, and new fans are trying to tackle this.

Zayn has become this force on his own. He knows how to push the envelope with a sound that people have not expected. He talked about the R&B, but people did not believe that he would take it there. He has done well though. Malik has proven that the new sound can work, and people love this new direction.

Independent Pet Food Producers Add To Beneful’s Growth In The Market

Providing the best food for any pet is an essential part of being an effective and loving pet parent, which means finding the best possible pet food for any important member of the family. The Daily Herald explains the premium pet food market has been expanding over the course of the 21st century, and should continue to do so as increasing numbers of pet parents look to keep their pets as healthy as possible. The best foods are now available from producers ranging from independent companies to those with a long history of pet food production.

Nestle Purina was one of the first major pet food producers to look to change the way foods were produced when they arrived at the decision to create a natural pet food brand. Eventually, the Beneful brand was created in 2001, which includes a wide range of natural ingredients being used to produce a full range of wet and dry foods designed to keep pets as healthy as possible.

Beneful has grown to become one of the top global brands of pet foods in the 21st century as the movement towards natural ingredients has grown in number. The Beneful brand has always been known for putting the happiness and health of the pets they provide foods for at the top of its list of needs. This need to aid the animals themselves led to the arrival of a marketing campaign dedicated to the pets themselves, which was first used in Austria with a TV and Youtube campaign aimed directly at attracting dogs to the products; a further campaign was created with posters that would be used alongside odors to attract dogs to the smell of the Beneful dog food brand.

Placing the pets at the center of the creation and marketing of pet foods makes this a major part of producing healthy pet foods. These foods are now part of a $10 billion per year industry that looks to grow in the future as major producers of pet foods seek to enter the market formerly reserved for independent companies.


A Healthy Super Bowl Party Feast


Every year it comes without fail, the Super Bowl, and with that a mound of foods that by any stretch of the imagination cannot be considered remotely healthy. With that being said there are many snacks and foods that can be considered healthy and still enjoyable with just a bit of tweaking in either the preparation or the cooking.

As an example, when preparing foods trim as much of the excess fat off of any meat that you possibly can. Every little bit helps. For those great hot wings, go naked, rather than breaded, and perhaps bake them in a spicy sauce rather than deep frying them in vegetable oil. Experts like Sergio Cortes advise to use a high grade olive oil perhaps something imported to help lighten up the day’s bill of fare.

Instead of the standard chips and nachos, and salsa used baked chips, with a tangy salsa with a fresh a cilantro added in with extra garlic. If cheese is a must then use fresh cheddar rather than bottled nacho cheeses that contain chemicals and high sodium content.

While watching your favorite team score a touchdown instead of soft drinks that are loaded with artificial sweeteners and sodium try fresh fruit juices that have been chilled. Better yet, a nice Sangria with fresh fruits and a light wine is the ticket for any Super Bowl party.

The bottom line is that think before you shop and prepare for your Super Bowl, it will pay off mega dividends in the following days.