Image Recognition Software Is Expanding

Recently, MIT Technology Review did an article on image recognition and its power in the sale and marketing world. Companies like Pinterest and others are looking to ways to search and market to customers without written text. For instance, if a woman is walking down the street and she sees another woman with a coat that she must have. She can take a picture of this coat and submit it to an app. The app will then find the coat, or the closest match possible, and it will present her with a host of options. So what kind of futuristic tool can do all this?

The application is called Slyce. It’s similar to the program that Amazon tried to launch but faltered greatly. Slyce is not just another shopping site, it’s actually a site for those who love to shop online, but simply don’t have the time to browse hundreds of websites to find the best deal. It can work so many ways to make a consumers life easier. Perhaps a man goes in to get his wife a pair of shoes. He finds the shoe she cannot live without at a local store, but then the is taken back to find out that it is not available in her size. Being sold out of an item is a big let down. So what is the next best thing for him to do, use the Slyce application to find where he can get these shoes in her size.

With the click of a button, that man can find the exact shoe he wants and place an order. Sure, it will work with texted orders too, but this particular app specialized in recognizing something based on the image recognition. The great thing is that Slyce has hooked up with other big companies to provide the best selection. First, they only deal with companies that are Fortune 500 and mega dealers in the industry. Second, they know that people who would use such a site are serious shoppers. They don’t deal with bargain basement sales stuff. They are helping those who are looking for quality.

Slyce is continuing to implement new and exciting things into their lines. They plan to expand and are in talks with several other companies to add their inventory to the list. This means that consumers will have even more available to them. There are big things expected from this company, as they were the first who was able to make the image recognition software get off the ground.

Join Hands With Jon Urbana to Help His Favorite Causes

Jon Urbana is taking part in raising funds for animal rescue and the adoption services in the Denver, Colorado area. The fundraiser is primarily aimed at the shelter called ARAS. It’s a shelter for cats that does not allow them to be killed. This allows a safe and warm place for the animals in hopes of adoption and saving them from being harmed. He is an adamant advocate against animal cruelty and is hoping to raise enough funds to be passed on the ARAS. For more information and to donate, please visit:

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana is also being recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for completed and exceeding the high education standards required by a pilot. He is also licensed and has pristine medical standards that are established by the FAA as well. The FAA is a highly sought after administration for the pilots, and recognition does not go unannounced for Jon Urbana, as he has gone above and beyond. You can read more on this article here.

Amongst Jon’s other activities and ventures, he started the Next Level Lacrosse in 2011. He created the lacrosse camp to help others learn and gain their skills for the sport. By starting with the younger generation, he can use Twitter as his sounding board to build the necessary skills it takes to become successful in the lacrosse sport. As you can see he has many accomplishments and has worked very hard throughout his career to fulfill his dreams.
Jon’s business ventures include the support of a company called Earth Force Inc. The firm is based in Colorado and is a non-profit organization aimed at purifying the environment. The campaign, called Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc, is primarily targeted at raised funds to support a healthier environment. He has included the youth in some of his plans at Earth Force Inc. in hopes to direct the younger generation to caring for the environment and taking note of their actions resulting in a healthier place to live. By starting with the youth, his hopes of preserving a cleaner type of earth are much more promising. Please visit the following website to learn more about his business ventures:

Urbana is also an award-winning photographer and video maker, known for producing works such as the photo posted below.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Jon’s music has been featured on MTV and his work recognized on plenty of sites including and Yahoo! Answers.

To get in touch with Urbana, visit his website:

George Soros Open Source Foundation

George Soros is the founder of the great philanthropic organization by the name Open Source Foundations. This foundation is partnering in more than one hundred countries in the world in development projects and charity. He has a physically prevailing thought toward an open society where everyone respects human rights, regimes are accountable directly to the people, and no one has a monopoly on reality. This renders the organization to be the biggest ever philanthropic foundation in history.

He started his safe journey back in 1979. He commenced by giving out scholarships to black Africans under the apartheid organization in South Africa. In the eastern bloc of the United States, he helped undermine communism in the 1980s by issuing Xerox machinery to duplicate banned information and supported development in the western regions.

When the Berlin Wall fell, he went ahead and created the Central European University. This was aimed at promoting crucial thinking. He also expanded his philanthropic efforts throughout Asia, Africa and the entire United Sates of America through his charitable foundation. He has also supported numerous individuals with lawyers to represent them legally because most were detained several years behind bars without any legal help.

He has also underwritten the most concerted and largest efforts in history by bringing into Europe; the Roma people mainstream. The foundation has also provided university and school fees for thousands of people as well as the Roma, asylum seekers and marginalized groups of individuals.

Soros helped greatly in the establishment of the international system that brings accountability and transparency to resource utilization in every industry that makes payoffs secretly to tyrants for many years fueling political unrest and terrible violence. The Global Witness, the EU council of foreign relations and the New Economic Institute of Thinking, are some of the many organizations that have been directly funded to existence by George Soros. Than most people, Soros success in the market of finance has given him greater independence. It has propelled him to stand more major controversial issues. For more reading, please visit Open Society Foundations.

The entire Russian Federation is posing a significant challenge to Europe and its existence at large. The European people, as well as leaders, are not even aware of that problem or how to deal with it. This is attributed largely to one fact that the EU, in particular, lost control after the monetary crisis in the year 2008.

The prevailing rules in Europe have aroused resentment. Now anti-Europe parties are capturing more seats that in the last general election of their parliament. Now Russia presents a challenge to Europe’s values and principles that base the European Union. This problem is based on the usage of force manifesting itself in aggression overseas and repression back at home opposing the law. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is proving to be more superior to Europe. He is always swinging surprises.

The US and Europe are avoiding any possible confrontation with the Russian Federation in the militia. Russia takes that advantage and messes around. Russia has invaded Ukraine and posed more challenge to the existence of the country. For more reading, please visit nybooks.

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The Glamour Of Lime Crime

While many girls would like to appear glamorous and beautiful, others decide on a really natural look. They nonetheless use cosmetics to achieve it, although the idea is to have a great look without anyone realizing you are wearing makeup. I’ve always utilized makeup products and truly benefit from the confidence it makes me feel. I am aware that I am attractive but make-up just enhances my natural beauty.

Plus makeup products help me communicate myself without the use of words. I came across a very unique make-up collection which has something distinctive then several brands within the cosmetic world. The name of this phenomenal make-up line is called Lime Crime.

Doe Deere is a business woman that moved to the United States to create a business of her own. Looks like she succeeded with her cosmetic collection Lime Crime. This unique brand name is loaded with creativity in style and color. Doe always pushes the envelope when it comes to makeup.

Doe Deere believes that beauty products are excellent for females to use as a kind of expression. The very first time I visited Lime Crime I discovered the many amazing vivid shades the line presents. Doe enjoys her gift of creating ground breaking colors and continues to work on new ideas for her collection everyday. I really enjoy the look of the Unicorn Lipsticks mainly because of all the pretty pastel colors they are available in like lilac grey, peachy nude, neon pink.

If you appreciate matte lipstick you are going to have fun with the Velvetine collection which is rich in colors like crimson, violet beige, and radiant orchid. Lime Crime also features an incredible lip gloss collection which includes glitter implanted into the ultra glassy finish.

Liquid liners are just as exceptional in coloration as all things in this line of makeup products. For that punk glam girl you have the Grunge Palette which is full of light pearl like colors and crimson like colors. Doe Deere provides glitter for the face and eyes called Zodiac Glitter which will come in the 12 signs of the zodiac.

I value every piece of information that’s available within the web site like beauty advice as well as the newest make-up looks. Also hair developments is something you can be inspired by when exploring the Lime Crime store. The hair coloring series is not your normal selection of shades like blonde. Rather you will get shades like lilac, green, orange and blue to select from for your hair.

This cosmetic line is loaded with revolutionary colors package in purple cases with sparkle like unicorns. That’s why Doe Deere is also referred to as the Unicorn Queen. She is known to produce a number of stunning make-up and hair looks. Always creating new pigments for this modern cosmetic line which happens to be making a statement all through the entire world.

Paul Evans Donates High-End Shoes Through City’s Homeless Services

In support of homeless artists in New York City, the notorious men’s italian shoe brand Paul Evans has risen to the occasion and given their very high end shoes from the fine old world Roman State that is Italy to area homeless shelters. “Through the Eyes of the Homeless,” a new Photography Exhibit that is blowing up this joint! The photography features many of the men living in the shelters. When this gallery opened, the homeless men were each handed a brand new pair of Paul Evans brand shoes. This gallery has a mission to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless people on our streets.

By giving back to the community in this way, Paul Evans as a company aims to help increase overall awareness of the challenges for the increasing numbers of homeless people, across the nation. They are giving this high-value donation of the top designer shoes as both for gallery showings of their work, but also for the inevitable job interviews. Commented a local homeless man, “Being homeless, I have to do a lot of walking so I can look for jobs… Having a new pair of shoes, will not only help me feel more confident, but will also help a potential employer have confidence in me.”

Homeless people in New York City now number over 3,000 and the number is quickly growing, according to the Department of Homeless Services. These are people who are living in subway stations, parked cars, and the city’s parks. Heart Gallery is a non-profit charity that has partnered with the Homeless Services Department to promote awareness and increase brainstorming for a real solution to this problem. So, the Heart Gallery displays the photography art prints of the world through homeless mens’ eyes.

“It’s staggering to learn of how many homeless are living in New York City… We took this opportunity to help our NYC community because we thought that outfitting these men with our shoes would not only help them look their best on a very important night, but also help aid in their job search efforts, commented Evan Fript, who was co-founder of Paul Evans company.