A Look at a 1984 Van Halen Show

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a video clip from a 1984 Van Halen performance at the Monsters of Rock Festival in Nuremberg, Germany. Although this was not known at the time, it would be the last performance of the classic Van Halen lineup that included singer David Lee Roth and bass player Michael Anthony.

The production quality of this particular video clip is not that great says Ricardo Tosto. It looks as if the video was filmed by a fan in the audience. The sound quality is not good, but you can tell that the song being performed is the hit “Jump”. There are also a few segments in the video where enthusiastic German fans are interviewed.

The video focuses pretty much on David Lee Roth. He is wearing a skintight red outfit that leaves his chest bare. He’s pretty buff, and does some acrobatics on stage including a somersault. Roth’s voice also sounds good. In recent performances with Van Halen, he sounds terrible. It’s almost like some random drunk in a bar is attempting to sing along to a Van Halen song. So, this old clip from 1984 shows how much he’s changed.

Roth, of course, left the band in the 1980’s and did not return until 2007. If he had stayed with Van Halen during the intervening years, it would probably be less jarring to see him perform today.

Kanye West Celebrates Turning Thirty-Eight

Rap mogul and Kardashian husband Kanye West has recently celebrated his 38th birthday. And he celebrated as one normally does, by having The Staples Center rented out for the day. For those who are unaware, The Staples Center is home to the professional basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers. His wife Kim planned the celebration as a surprise for his big day. Rumors are that his 34-year-old wife dropped $110,000 to rent out the venue for the event.

His friends, the Kardashian clan, and professional basketball players all came together to play ball and mingle during the event reports Brian Bonar on LinkedIn. Soulful crooner John Legend even made an appearance to sing happy birthday for the birthday boy. Spotted at the private party was Justin Bieber, the pastor that married Kim and Kanye, as well as the more famous Kardashian sisters.

Kim and Kanye have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and share a daughter named North West. Kim is reportedly pregnant again, with rumors of her possibly carrying twins. I’m sure that the public will know soon enough what is happening inside Kim’s uterus, she can’t seem to differentiate between a public persona and a private life.

For pictures from Kanye’s big day, check them out on BuzzFeed.com.