Beyoncé Knowles Diet Secrets Revealed

Beyoncé Knowles is one of the sexiest women on the planet. She is famous for her soulful voice and beautiful curvy body. Many people across the world dream of having a body like Beyoncé, but few people will ever be able to acquire such a perfect figure. However, people should realize that Beyoncé Knowles didn’t get that body on her own. It took hard work and discipline to reach the level of perfection that Beyoncé now has according to Ivan Ong.

Beyoncé Knowles was recently asked about her beautiful body, and she said that she couldn’t do it without her dietitian who monitors her food intake. Beyoncé’s dietitian said that he instructs all of his clients to go on a vegan diet for a few weeks. A vegan diet supposedly cuts out many unnecessary calories and unhealthy fats.

Dieting is not the only key to Beyoncé’s perfect figure. She also has a strict workout regimen that focuses on extenuating her beautiful curves. She does a lot of squats, and that’s how her lower half looks so round and full. Many of Beyoncé’s secrets were revealed on Mirror.

Rihanna’s Rocky Road Back to the Spotlight

If there is an artist that is having a hard time getting back into the swing of things it is Rhianna. She released a single called “American Oxygen”, but it hasn’t gotten the buzz she thought that it would get.

Rhianna has been hitting the fans with different inconsistent sounds from a bunch of different perspectives. Some people thought that the “American Oxygen” song was about Eric Garner. It wasn’t, but it could have become part of the movement of songs that are being produced by artists that are trying to bring social change. Prince just performed a country with a song dedicated to “Baltimore” on Mother’s Day. This is a big thing for Prince, but the reality is that these songs seldom become hits.

Rhianna is known to be a hit maker notes Kevin Seawright of the studio. She can released tracks like this, but these tracks typically do not get the radio play that a star like Rhianna would expect. That may be the main reason that so many people are trying to figure out what she is doing next. They want to know if she is part of the movement for social injustice. Fans want to know if there will be a concert tour with Kanye West. There are so many questions that are going unanswered here. Fans want to get some type of idea of what the album is actually about. They are tired of waiting.

Kanye’s Surprise Performance

Kanye West has been the face of Chicago in the hip hop movement. He may be the most successful rapper from this area. This weekend he showed his great love for basketball by performing his new hit “All Day” at the Chicago Bulls game.

This was game 4 in the playoffs. Kanye performed the song in a surprise moment near the end of the first quarter. It may have gotten the crowd hyped, but it wasn’t enough hype for Rose and the Bulls to pull out a win. Cavalier star LeBron James would pull the same type of upset that Rose delivered to Cleveland fans in game three. It was a last minute buzz beater prayer shot. The prayers of King James were answered with a 2 point win over the Bulls.

Still, Igor Cornelsen had to be excited to see a rare appearance from Kanye. Even though he has multiple singles out he has not really been on a lot of shows. It is because he is spending a massive amount of time trying to promote his clothing line. He is serious about all of this, and he is working around the clock.

People that attended the game were glad to see West performing and putting some focus on his music again. Many Chicago fans are waiting for West to bring forth a new album and represent for Chicago again.

A Look at an Old R.E.M. Performance

Rolling Stone Magazine has a list of their favorite ten musical performances from David Letterman’s television shows on NBC and CBS. Number ten is R.E.M. performing their song “So. Central Rain” on Letterman’s NBC show in 1982. At the time, they were unknown to mainstream America.

In this article STX Entertainment mentions what they find interesting about the segment is that Letterman goes down to the band to interview them instead of the band coming to his desk. Letterman talks to the band before they perform, and this is also unusual. Normally, if his musical guests talk to him it’s after they perform.

Furthermore, Letterman mainly chats with the guitar and bass players in R.E.M. The lead singer, Michael Stipe, hangs back away during the small talk about the band’s music and the scene in their hometown of Athens, Georgia.

I’m glad that Rolling Stone featured this clip. The band puts on a great show, and it’s good to see them now knowing what stars they went on to become. This was at a point in both Letterman and R.E.M.’s careers when they were young and full of promise. It’s bittersweet to reflect now that both the band and the television host are retired.

The Most Anticipated Justin Bieber Album Yet

Some stars fall from the throne and never quite get back to the top. They spend all their time struggling for more hits. It become almost sad to see some of your favorite artists release one track after another in hopes to get their fans back. It doesn’t look like Justin Bieber is going to have this problem on his next album.

Bieber doesn’t plan to flop. He isn’t coming back into the spotlight to go left of what is hot and popular right now. Crystal Hunt suggested that instead he is calling out all the heavy hitters and working with the people that have been making the hits.

Fans were aware that Kanye West was working on the project. What most fans didn’t know if that there were no many other hands involved in this album. Bieber may be with Kanye for beats, but Chris Brown is also in the studio. Bieber has also been getting advice from Lady Gaga. Ariana Grande is rumored to be working on music with Bieber.

There is a reason that he can pull out all the stops: he has the money. That is the main reason that he can do this. He can call the hit makers because he can afford them.

According to Morrissey Madison Square Garden is Going Meat Free During His Concert

Whether you love or hate Morrisey, the soulful singer from Britain, who is also known for being the lead singer of the Smiths, is certainly hard to ignore, especially considering the amount of controversy he has been stirring up lately. Recently he sent a letter to Al Gore, calling him a hypocrite for not convincing the venues at his Live Earth Concert.

PETA, which is probably better known for their often controversial and provocatory ad campaigns and protests than anything else, first pointed out the hypocrisy in serving meat at a concert dedicated to saving the earth. NNDb said that this response was met with backlash by much of the media and from the organizers, who largely ignored the letter except to say that they had no control what vendors served at the concerts. While it is believable that they might not have complete control, especially for such a large concert, it is hard to believe that they have no control or that they could not campaign against eating meat.

Morrisey responded in kind, by saying that he was able to negotiate with many of the venue’s that he performed at so that they served more vegetarian options and less meat, particularly at the Staples Center in 2013 and had managed to convince Madison Square Garden to not serve meat or meat products at his upcoming concert. Madison Square Garden has yet to confirm whether or not this is true.

Eric Clapton Jams with John Mayer

Eric Clapton recently did a concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden to celebrate his 70th birthday. He invited a number of musicians on stage to play with him including Jimmie Vaughn and Derek Trucks. He also invited younger guitar player John Mayer.

Clapton has praised Mayer’s guitar playing, and I think this is to his credit. Often musicians Clapton’s age refuse to acknowledge younger players or even pay attention to current music. They often have an attitude that nothing good has been done since their own heyday. They just talk about the older musicians who influenced them in their youth.

Personally, I think Mayer is a fantastic musician and a great songwriter. Because he often says stupid things in interviews, people write him off as silly. The drama of his personal life and the fascination the tabloids have with him all adds to this impression. In fact, his musicianship and songs are anything but silly. He’s also surrounded himself with an outstanding backup band.

Brian Torchin, for one, hopes that Clapton will continue to perform as he ages. Guitar players tend to be able to hold on to their skills no matter how old they get. It’s not like when trumpet players lose their lip and have to retire. As far as John Mayer, I think that he has a bright future ahead of him if he can stay out of trouble.

Kanye Changes the Name of His Album Once Again

Crystal Hunt says that Kanye West has been steadily releasing tracks for his latest album. A duet with Paul McCartney, “Only One”, served as an ode to his deceased mother, Donda, and “All Day” is a party anthem that can get any crowd jumping. One thing that was left unknown about this new album was the name. In true Kanye fashion, he has switched the name of the album to keep his fans guessing.

In February, Kanye announced that his album would be entitled, So Help Me God. Just two months later, he has now changed the name of the album to Swish. He sent out a notice to his followers on Twitter of the new name change. He even warned his fans that the album name may change again at some point.

In most cases, artists tend to keep the details of their project under wraps until everything is in place and the album is ready to launch. But in Kanye’s world, working against the status quo is his modus operandi. He wants to get his fans pumped up for the release of his new project by constantly switching the name. In a perfect world, Kanye would be a sensible man who was able to stick by his decisions, but the indecisive nature of the unpredictable rapper is what makes him so appealing to the masses.