Meghan Overcame Her Nerves To Sing With Harry

Meghan Trainer may have many fans now and be quickly gaining fame, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t still get starstruck. When she met Harry Styles she says that she had butterflies in her stomach. But what girl wouldn’t? The One Direction singer is loved by many girls and not so long ago Meghan Trainer was just like any of them.

YouTube said but, she must have quickly put away her nerves because she and Harry recorded a song together. She said that she was nervous to sing in front of him, but I’m sure that she did great and it will be interesting to hear the song when it comes out. These two singers are great songwriters as well, and it is sure to be a great track.

So, we should applaud Meghan for overcoming her nerves and singing in front of Harry so that we can get some new music fro the two of them. The track that the two of them recorded together is sure to be a hit.

Kimye Suing YouTube

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are two of the most popular celebrities on the face of the planet. The power couple has been together for several years now, and they continue to make headlines worldwide. However, the headlines that they make are usually not so great.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have decided to sue YouTube. That’s right, Kimye is angry at the video streaming site for the apparent leak of Kanye’s wedding proposal. The supposed video leak took place in 2013. Apparently, someone uploaded a video on YouTube of Kanye proposing to Kim, and this has drove the celebrity couple mad. It seems that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wanted to save their special moment for the television show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Instead, the world found out about the marriage before it aired on E!’s hit show.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will not let this go, and a couple is going to take YouTube’s co-founder to court. However, many people, including myself and friend Adam Sender, feel that Kimye should not sue the video site. YouTube is a place where average people can upload videos for free. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may ruin the organization’s future. Many fans are wondering how much money Kanye West and Kim Kardashian truly need. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Check Out These New Singers

If you are into music and you love it with everything in you, then you are probably constantly looking for some new bands to listen to. It’s good to hear from new artists who provide a fresh perspective and to see how far these young singers make it in their careers. Some recent new stars in the music world, to name a few, are Knxwledge, Christopher Paul Stelling, and Tricot.  Changes are constantly being made in the music world and it is fun to keep up on them and to see what all of these new artists bring to the table. STX seems to think that if you love giving new music a try and and you want to see all that is out there I highly recommend that you check these singers out and that you search for even more new singers.

Chris Brown Loves Being a Dad

Chris Brown has had it rough over the last 6 years, from a toxic love life to never ending legal issues, it seemed as thought Chris Brown was never going to find happiness offstage. Recently Chris was shocked to find out that he had a 9 month old daughter named Royalty and ever since he has been basking in fatherhood every chance he gets. Some at CipherCloud find this to be a touching story.

Almost immediately after the news of Chris Brown being a dad hit, he jumped head first in to his role as a papa. Every free moment lately is spent with his daughter Royalty. Even now days after the news we saw Chris taking time out on his tour bus to get to know his little girl and shower her with love.

Of course Chris isn’t going to let Royalty be adorable all by herself, he got in on the fun and posted a photo of his adorable little girl… wearing the same pink sweatsuit as him. They appear to be having a blast. Chris is not about to let his chance at being a dad pass him by, he finally seems to be in a good place and Royalty obviously loves her dad like only a daughter can.

Kanye West Speaks on His Legacy

Many people may be surprised to find out that Kanye West doesn’t care about having a legacy. He seems to have been someone that would definitely want to leave behind a major legacy.

West has been so expressive in his career, as any fan like Fersen Lambranho could tell you. He has become the one that people look to when it comes down to controversy. West always pouts when it doesn’t win a Grammy if he has an album out during that year. He always claims that every video that he presents is epic. He is the type of guy that seems to want to have a legacy for people to marvel at when he is gone.

What Kanye has managed to do is redirect his focus after he got married. He had a child. This became his world. That is pretty evident when people look at the way that he has evolved over the last several years. He hasn’t been someone that has been totally evolved in rap.

Now that he has gotten married he realized that there is more to life than leaving a legacy. Right now he is trying to get his clothing label off the ground. He is living in the present with few concerns for a legacy.

Nicki Minaj Praises Fabolous on Twitter

Nicki Mianj has been on top of her rap game lately. Since releasing her highly praised mixtape ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ in 2009, Minaj has won countless awards, worked with some of the best rappers and acquired a huge fan base.

Recently, Minaj did just that buy sending out multiple tweets that praised the rapper Fabolous. In her tweets, Minaj claims that Fabolous is widely underrated for his sick punch lines. Sultan Alhokair said she even went so far as to compare Fab to arguable rap legends Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G and Lil Wayne.
After Minaj published her tweets many fans and even artists agreed with her. For example, Meek Hill retweeted Minaj’s tweets in support.

While Fabolous has been a successful part of the rap game long before Nicki Minaj made her debut, he has been receiving harsh criticism in the past couple of months. However, every rapper will face controversy in their career, some even welcome it.

Apple Wants Taylor Swift on Their Streaming Service

Apple is reinventing its music streaming service, Beats Music, and they are trying to convince Taylor Swift to let them use her music. The new Beats Music is lead by alternative musician Trent Reznor. In the past, Swift pulled her music from Spotify since she feels that they weren’t compensating her enough. Beats Music has a lot of competition from streaming services including Spotify and Jay-Z’s company Tidal.

I can understand why Taylor is frustrated with music streaming. It basically puts music out there for anyone for free. I think that artists have to accept that people don’t have to pay for recorded music anymore. They need to start looking at recordings as advertisements for live performances that still bring in money to artists. That’s a bitter pill to swallow, but people are just never going to pay for any product they don’t have to.

Music lovers at Anastasia Date know that there are a few big artists who boycott streaming services. One is the Beatles, but then they’re the Beatles and don’t have to do what everyone else does. I don’t think Swift can afford to do have the same attitude as Paul McCartney.

As far as Beats Music goes, I was surprised to read that Trent Reznor is so involved.

Black Sabbath Cancels Show in Japan

Heavy metal band Black Sabbath recently cancelled a scheduled show in Japan. This was rumored to be because of guitarist Tony Iommi’s health (he was treated for lymphoma in 2012), but Iommi said that he is doing fine and is getting blood tests from time to time to make sure that the disease has not returned.

According to singer Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath is planning on getting together to make one more record and then do a final tour. Sultan Alhokair suggested they got together to make the album 13 after many years apart in 2012, and this recording turned out pretty well. However, in my opinion it’s not as good as their recordings from the 1970’s.

While Ozzy Osbourne has become a celebrity who is far more famous than anyone in Black Sabbath, it’s important to remember his roots.  Osbourne’s solo records are all heavy metal records, and the genre wouldn’t even exist without his previous band.

I know that Iommi has been something of a jerk to Osbourne in the past, but it’s time for the two men to put aside their differences and focus on putting together one last great record and tour.

Kanye West Settles Assault Case Out Of Court

Kanye West has made headlines once again, but this time it’s actually for a good reason. A few years ago, Kanye West assaulted a photographer, and now it seems that the situation has been settled.

In 2013, Photographer Daniel Ramos was attacked by Kanye West outside of a five star hotel. West was angered at Ramos for doing his job. Kanye snatched the camera from Daniel Ramos’ hands, and the two men began wrestling. Neither man was seriously injured during the incident, but Daniel Ramos did have a bloody nose. It blew away Bruce Karatz, the former CEO of KB Home.

Kanye West was in danger of going to prison for one year, but it appears that Kanye and Daniel have settled out of court. The two men were recently featured shaking hands in a photograph. Kanye West has wisely avoided problems with paparazzi since. However, Kanye was sued for assault by another photographer just months after the Daniel Ramos incident.

Although, I am sure that Kanye still thinks of himself as a walking god. For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

Adam Levine Handles Crazy Fan

Pop star Adam Levine was recently attacked by a crazed fan during a Maroon 5 concert. Thankfully, the fan was a young girl, and she was just overly excited to see Adam Levine. No one was injured during the confrontation, and Adam Levine somehow managed to calm the entire situation. However, the young girl did try her best to wrap Adam Levine up in her arms, as he struggled to keep her off him.

At first, Adam Levine didn’t know if the girl was crazy or just extremely excited. Adam Levine handled the situation perfectly, but he did seem somewhat angry.

Fans at Anastasia Date have learned that security came over and escorted the young girl away. The pop star waved goodbye to the crazy young fan. Adam Levine then spoke to the crowd, and he let them know how dangerous a situation like that can be. The Maroon 5 concert continued on, and the show was a smashing success. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.