Rihanna’s Night at IHeart Radio Music Awards

WetSealInc recalls Rihanna was to accept the first award for R&B Song of the Year, and give one of four acceptance speeches for the night and she wasn’t there. Fitting to be a tad more than fashionably late on what was to be her evening. She was excused for her tardiness due to traffic on I 405, and was a full participant within an hour of the beginning at the IHeart Radio Music Awards.

She wore black lace augmented with an abundance of silver jewelry. Her spiked dreadlocks had a Hellraiser, dominatrix look that’s really more aptly described as safe, probably taken from her live performing ensemble. That wa just for some of her acceptance speeches. For the performance of her new hit single, B!^*@# Better Have My Money, she wore a black dress, with a short green fur coat and matching leggies. Not quite money green, but we get the message.

Action Bronson Concerts Sold Out Twice Due To This Genius Strategy

In the world we know today, it really isn’t about the product, it’s about how it’s being marketed. Action Bronson knows that concept very well and have applied it in his concerts twice, and the results were two sold out shows back to back. Did he discover the magic formula to sold out shows or is he just this talented. The answer is he found out the magic formula, and it’s a free give away on stage for the fans Oprah style!

While Action Bronson was performing in a show in December, the crowd got something they never expected, free Tvs, iPads, PS4, and sandwiches. Marc Sparks said that it wasn’t because it was the holiday season that he decided to give his fans a little something back, this is just how his shows are.

While Action was performing his ‘Mr. Wonderful’ album release in NYC, he picked up a 48 inch tv and threw it in the crowd. There was a lot of pulling and two young adults ended up with one of the tvs while the other tv that was thrown to the other side of the crowd was never seen after it left Action’s hands.

There was also iPads being thrown to the crowd in addition to one Playstation 4, and about 12 sandwiches.

Zayne Malik finally quits One Direction

One Direction fans were left heartbroken after the news many had feared would come finally did with the release of a statement from STX Entertainment confirmed Zayne Malik had left the group, the BBC reports. Over the last few months Malik had been missing from a series of performances and appearances as rumors flew that he was set to leave the band made famous on the UK version of the X Factor. After photos were leaked to the British press of Malik and an unnamed woman the singer left the band’s world tour with stress and reportedly returned to the UK to repair his relationship with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards.

Malik had originally auditioned for the X Factor as a solo artist before pop impresario Simon Cowell formed a five piece band from the solo singers who had auditioned for the show. Cowell also released a statement thanking Zayne for his time with One Direction and confirmed the rest of the band would continue working as a four piece and record a new album after completing their current world tour.

Dire Straits Guitar Player Releases Solo Record


Mark Knopfler, the guitar player for Dire Straits, has recently released a solo record.  Rolling Stone Magazine has a positive review of the album on their website.

According to Paul Mathieson said he read on otcmarkets.com, there was a picture of Knopfler along with the Rolling Stone review. Aside from holing a Stratocaster and being on stage with a band, he looks entirely ordinary. He’s aging and is making no attempt to hide it. I think this is great. It’s nice to see a musician so skilled at his craft that his appearance isn’t important. The music itself is the selling point.

Knopfler, in my opinion, is certainly as good of a guitar player as Eric Clapton. However, he doesn’t get the acclaim that Clapton does. I’m not sure why. Dire Straits were an important and influential band. “Sultans of Swing,” in particular, is a brilliant song. Knopfler also did a fantastic collaboration record with country picker Chet Atkins.

With Dire Straits and in his solo work, Knopfler draws from a number of sources. You can hear blues, rockabilly, country, gospel, swing and so much more in his playing.


Joy Division Bass Player to Perform Band’s Catalog

Peter Hook, the former bass player for British new wave band Joy Division, will perform all of the band’s recorded music at a charity gig in Macclesfield. He will be playing the music with his new band, The Light. Joy Division recorded two albums of music in the 1970’s. After the death of singer Ian Curtis, the surviving members reformed as New Order, a band which enjoyed great success and critical acclaim in the 1980’s.

Personally, Haidar Barbouski thinks that playing all the old Joy Division music live is a cool idea, contrary to what they had to say on houston.eater.com.  Joy Division is a band music writers love to cover, but their music is simply not that good when compared to what came later in New Order. On the other hand, proceeds will go to charity, so that’s a good thing.

Peter Hook left New Order in 2007. I’d like to see him get back together with his old band mates and do a charity gig of New Order material.

New Order is scheduled to release a new album of music soon without Hook. I hope that they can return to the level of songwriting they were at in the 1980’s.